For high level women entrepreneurs who desire to have it all: deeper intimacy, business expansion, sexual freedom, inner fulfillment and liberation.

The best of both inner and outer worlds.

The fullest experience of life.

Just because we can.

*NOT for those unwilling to engage in self reflection.

Message From The Creator

Welcome, I'm excited to have you here. 

Before you enroll in HEAL and join the MME Community, let me give you a bit of my personal backstory and why this container was created:

At 16, I lost my mom to breast cancer after her 6 years of battle. My father received a life sentence in prison shortly after.

I then hit a rock bottom in my life, struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and grief.

I sat in that pit hole for a while, playing the victim, blaming life for treating me unfairly. And of course, nothing changed. 

I finally reached a point where I was tired of staying stagnant, sad, depressed, and suicidal, so I decided to commit to my healing journey.

I knew that if I wanted my circumstances to change, I had to change. I am the creator of my reality.

Throughout this journey, as I healed from childhood abuse, sexual trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, unworthiness, codependency, self hatred...

A life free of limitations is now possible. 

This was the beginning of Mind Muscle Enlightenment. 

And this container, HEAL, was created for high level women entrepreneurs who desire to experience all that life has to offer – in both their inner and outer worlds.

Go within, so you'll never be without.


Founder & CEO, Mind Muscle Enlightenment

HEAL includes an educational course and a lifelong MME Membership.

1. The Course includes:

- Audio & written activations

- Written self reflections

- Lifetime access

- Future updates when added

2. MME Membership includes:

- Exclusive updates & insights from MME

- Exclusive invitations to MME events

- Connection with Maggie and the MME Team

3. Optional add-on:

- Two months of direct email communication with Maggie to ask questions and to discuss experiences and reflections

HEAL Course Content

  • 1


    • So Many Questions, So Little Answers

    • The Basics

    • 1. Let's Begin

    • 2. The Thing About Loss

    • 3. Life After Abuse & Discrimination

    • 4. Women And Power

    • 5. Your Sacred Temple

    • 6. Emotions... Complicated, Aren't They?

    • 7. Depression: The Gift

    • 8. Anxiety Decoded

    • 9. The Giver Receives

    • 10. Self Protection... Or The Lack Of It

    • 11. Sex

    • 12. You

    • 13. The Finale

    • Answers

    • Final Words From Maggie

  • 2

    Guided Meditations

    • Morning Meditation

    • Evening Meditation


Course + MME Membership

  • $100,000.00

    HEAL one-time payment

  • 2 x $50,000.00

    HEAL payment plan (2 months)

  • 2 x $150,000.00

    HEAL with add-on




The Creator

Maggie Dong

Maggie is the Founder and CEO of Mind Muscle Enlightenment. She is a consciousness activator, energy healer, speaker, and writer who guides high level entrepreneurs into embodiment and alignment, so they can create the life that they desire.